Products from HEIDENHAIN ensure that machines and manufacturing plants work productively and efficiently.  Since 1948, when the company began anew in Traunreut Germany, HEIDENHAIN has shipped nearly 6 million linear encoders, over fifteen million rotary and angular encoders, approx. 500,000 digital readouts and 260,000 TNC controls. Now and in the future, this expertise provides the assurance that HEIDENHAIN was and still is the right choice.

Innovative Machine Solutions (IMS) is a factory trained full-line distributor of HEIDENHAIN products and services, so we sell, integrate, and repair NEW and USED HEIDENHAIN products onsite at your facility, or at our California and Connecticut facilities. Our qualified engineers, technicians, and administration personnel are here to assist you every step of the way with selecting the right products and services that meet your technical and budgetary specifications.

IMS sells and supports HEIDENHAIN TNC Systems | TNC Options | Digital Readouts (DRO) | Linear Encoders (scales), Rotary Encoders and Angle Encoders both Incremental & Absolute | Precision Linear Length Gauges | Motors and Drives | Cables | Part Probes | Tool Probes.